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How to Get Facts and Straight Answers About Cosmetic Surgery

Getting all the facts about cosmetic surgery will help you make a good decision when the time comes. You’ll know which plastic surgery procedures get consistently good results and which procedures do not. By weighing the risks and benefits in light of your individual values and goals, you’ll know if a procedure is truly right… Read more »

Surgeons Voice Strong Opposition to Cosmetic Tax

Cosmetic and plastic surgeons are voicing opposition to a recently added “elective cosmetic medical tax” that was unveiled Wednesday within the latest healthcare reform bill. ”SEC. 5000B. IMPOSITION OF TAX ON ELECTIVE COSMETIC MEDICAL PROCEDURES. ”(a) IN GENERAL.-There is hereby imposed on any cosmetic surgery and medical procedure a tax equal to 5 percent of… Read more »

DIY Cosmetic Treatments – A Recession Trend?

The folks at ABC News and 20/20 are wondering about cosmetic treatments like Restylane, Juvederm, and Botox; are they being obtained online and then self administered? We sincerely hope nobody in Texas (or elsewhere) has attempted this kind of thing.  Injectable treatments might seem easy and quite comfortable in our office, but attempting to perform… Read more »

A Growing Interest in Cosmetics…For Men.

According to our local Dallas NBC news affiliate, more men are seeking plastic surgery because they need to compete longer in the workforce. It’s true that some cosmetic surgeries are particularly well-suited for men, and some procedures such as Botox just make sense regardless of gender.  In the past, the most popular cosmetic surgeries for… Read more »

Reduce Signs of Stress on Your Skin – 5 Tips From a Professional

Busy adults with families and demanding careers see busy physicians, who spend plenty of time caring for patients who present stress-related skin problems: Pimples appear out of nowhere. Skin dries out overnight and needs re-hydration. Folds around the nose and deep lines in the brow appear more pronounced. Our patients in Dallas agree – they… Read more »

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