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Texas Medical Board Considers New Regulation of Injectable Products

According to WFAA news  in Dallas, the Texas Medical Board is planning to discuss a change in regulations for physicians performing cosmetic procedures like Botox®, Restylane and other injectable treatments. In Texas, medications like Botox can only be obtained by a qualified physician (with a medical license). Within a doctor’s office however, the treatment can… Read more »

Making a Deposit at the Fat Cell Bank

With the move to more natural foods and lifestyles, many people are seeking to attain the results of traditional cosmetic augmentation without the use of implants or facial fillers. The growing popularity of autologous fat grafting, which transplants fat from one part of a patient’s body to another, has meant that more cosmetic surgery patients… Read more »

Predicted Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2011

Cosmetic plastic surgeons from around the country weighed in on upcoming trends in cosmetic surgery, and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) put together a list of  2011 cosmetic surgery predictions based on the surgeons’ feedback. Facelifts, injectables, and body contouring are three of the procedures where they are predicting growth. As the… Read more »

Study Finds Botox Improves Patient’s Quality of Life

In addition to smoothing wrinkles, Botox may also improve your quality of life and your self-esteem, according to a new of the  study published in the journal Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Steven H. Dayan, of the Chicago Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, conducted the study on 100 participants who received either Botox injections or a saline… Read more »

Mature Faces Turn to Less Invasive Procedures, Reports WSJ

The Wall Street Journal online reports that older workers are increasingly considering minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures to help them look younger and stay competitive in the current economy. Statistics compiled by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) show that for those in the 51-64 age range, the number of facelifts dropped from over 75,000… Read more »

Cosmetic Surgery Market to Double in Size by 2017, According to Report

The cosmetic surgery, facial aesthetics and medical lasers market is expected to double in size by 2017, exceeding $3 billion, according to a new reoprt from medical device and pharmaceutical market research company iData Research. The aesthetic laser and light therapy markets for skin resurfacing, hair removal and laser lipolysis will be the fastest growing segments,… Read more »

MSNBC Reports on Rise in “Beauty Bandits”

A strange cosmetic procedure trend has been reported at one in which the patient gets cosmetic procedures and never pays. One case recently in the news was a woman, nicknamed the “Beauty Bandit”, who received over $3,000 worth of Botox and dermal fillers in a Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dermatology center and then disappeared after saying she had… Read more »

Advances in Injectables Mean Less Pain for Patients

Lidocaine-containing versions of popular hyaluronic acid fillers are now available in the United States, reports Cosmetic Surgery Times in its July 2010 issue. Lidocaine, a local anesthetic that is injected directly into the body, decreases pain by temporarily numbing the injected area, according to WebMD. Juvederm XC, Restylane-L, and Perlane-L are three injectables that won… Read more »

Botox: A Pain Fighter?

Famous for its ability to smooth deep facial wrinkles, Botox is also showing promise at relieving pain according to researchers at Johns Hopkins. A study found that patients with thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS)—a debilitating and painful nerve compression disorder—who received a single, low-dose injection of Botox in a neck muscle reported a significant reduction in… Read more »

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