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Researchers Say Botox Cosmetic Could Work As Migraine Treatment

The popular injectable product, Botox Cosmetic might be used as a treatment for migraine headaches in the near future, according to research published in Archives of Dermatology.  Authors of the study recommend the alternative use of Botox, saying “at doses appropriate for cosmetic purposes, [Botox injections] may be sufficient to prevent migraine attacks.” According to… Read more »

What’s the Ideal Age To Get Botoxed?

“I don’t think I need any cosmetic surgery – maybe Botox when I’m older,” said my 26-year-old friend over drinks last weekend. Her opinion is probably very typical, but it begs the question, what age is “old enough” for Botox? For most people, the average age to pursue an injectable treatment likely depends on when… Read more »

DIY Cosmetic Treatments – A Recession Trend?

The folks at ABC News and 20/20 are wondering about cosmetic treatments like Restylane, Juvederm, and Botox; are they being obtained online and then self administered? We sincerely hope nobody in Texas (or elsewhere) has attempted this kind of thing.  Injectable treatments might seem easy and quite comfortable in our office, but attempting to perform… Read more »

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