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Incision options available for a breast augmentation

When you decide on breast augmentation, there are several components to consider.  From the size of the implants to the location of incision, every aspect of breast augmentation surgery is important to examine.  A consultation with Dr. Frenzel can help you understand all of your options.  There are four incision options available with a breast augmentation, including the umbilical, peri-areolar, inframammary, and axillary.

If you are looking to correct a disproportionate figure, restore your breasts, improve the shape and size of your breasts, or improve your self-image, breast augmentation is the perfect solution.  Once you have determined that getting a breast augmentation is right for you, it is necessary to determine how to proceed with the surgery to achieve the look you want.

The four incision options allow you to hide your scars in the place you decide upon.  The umbilical incision is a small, hidden incision made in the navel.  An incision through the navel allows you to avoid scarring on or around your breasts.  Keeping your breasts, chest, and underarms free from scarring, the umbilical incision is a great options for those wanting to avoid upper body incision markings.

The peri-areolar incision is a curved incision made at the outer border of the colored portion of the areola.  The peri-areolar incision is the perfect solution for those looking to keep the incision marking closest to the point of surgery, the breasts.

The inframammary incision is a three to four centimeter incision made in the fold of the breast.  Keeping the incision lower on the breast, hidden in the fold, this incision marking is great for women looking to keep the incision point close to the breast, but not visible.  The inframammary and peri-areolar incisions keep incision on the breast, avoid soreness to other areas of the body.

The axillary incision is made in the armpit area.  This incision is great for those looking to avoid noticeable incision marking on the front of their body.  Keeping incisions under the armpits, the axillary incision is hidden, yet close to the breasts.

Breast augmentation is a great solution for improving subtle changes from aging and gravity, restoring breasts to a more pleasing size due to changes in the breast size from pregnancy, breast feeding, or significant weight loss, and correcting an inherited deformity, where one breast does not develop like the other.

A consultation with Dr. Frenzel is a crucial part of the breast augmentation process.  He will list each of the four incision options available for your breast augmentation, as well as thoroughly discuss each one to provide you with an understanding of the recovery for each option.

Whether you choose an umbilical incision, peri-areolar incision, inframammary incision, or axillary incision, Dr. Frenzel will perform your breast augmentation to provide you with a minimally invasive procedure.  Giving you beautifully constructed breasts and little scarring, you can rest assure that at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, you’ll receive plenty of information to make an informed decision about your incision options.

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