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A Growing Interest in Cosmetics…For Men.

According to our local Dallas NBC news affiliate, more men are seeking plastic surgery because they need to compete longer in the workforce.

It’s true that some cosmetic surgeries are particularly well-suited for men, and some procedures such as Botox just make sense regardless of gender.  In the past, the most popular cosmetic surgeries for men were male breast reduction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, liposuction, and hair transplants.  If there truly is a growing acceptance of male cosmetic surgery taking place, we might see that list grow to a certain extent.

The most likely area to gain popularity with men will be in skin renewal treatments.  From experience I can tell you that the majority of males don’t possess a great deal of knowledge about caring for their skin and they often neglect it.

At a recent cosmetic surgery trade show, yours truly (copywriter extraordinaire) along with our accountant Angie underwent a skin analysis using the Image Pro II Skin Analysis system.  While Angie’s skin came out clear and clean, my neglected male skin looked like a battlefield of sun damage and other imperfections.  That experience prompted me to investigate different skin care products and treatments, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other men out there have the same concerns.

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