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Liposuction Procedure

Dr. Frenzel has done hundreds of liposuction cases and is formally trained in performing standard liposuction, “Vaser or Ultrasound” liposuction, and “Laser” liposuction. To truly do liposuction correctly it takes someone with the proper training and experience.

The science of liposuction, combined with the art of body-sculpting, is a safe and effective method of eradicating stubborn fat deposits in body areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise. Using suction from a tiny tube called a microcannula, Dr. Frenzel removes fat deposits from targeted body areas, to sculpt and balance out the contour of the patient’s body.

Who Can Benefit from Liposuction?

The following types of individuals may want to consider liposuction:

  • Individuals who have disproportionate deposits of fat which are resistant to diet and exercise alone
  • Individuals who are within the normal weight range but still have stubborn bulges that affect their overall proportion
  • Individuals who are slightly obese but have difficulty losing inches by normal weight loss programs or who need an added incentive to lose
  • Individuals who have gained weight excessively, possibly through pregnancy, and have lost weight but still have some bulges, skin laxity, and/or stretch marks.

How Does Liposuction Work?

People inherit a predetermined number and distribution of fat cells. These cells continue to develop until we reach the age of puberty, and from then on, the number remains basically the same. As one gains weight, the fat cells expand; and when one loses weight, they shrink. To add to this vicious cycle, one usually has certain inherited areas that have extra or “greedier” fat cells, which gain first and lose last. Thus, proportioning the body with weight loss and exercise alone usually doesn’t solve the imbalance. A person may become too thin in some areas of the face and body just to lose those problem bulges, commonly located in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks in women, and in the flanks, abdomen, and chest in men. The advantage of liposuction is its ability to target problem sites and better balance fat distribution. However, this does not mean that an individual can never worry about weight gain or fail to exercise and tone muscles.

Liposuction is not meant to replace a proper diet and a good exercise program; nor is it meant to be a vehicle for weight loss. Although a person will usually lose some weight and many times, it will provide an incentive to lose more, it is really a tool used for reshaping or sculpting the body and face. Many times, a person will lose as much as two to eight inches in the waist area alone and will look much thinner but will not lose a significant amount of weight.

Liposuction Methods We Perform

  • Standard Liposuction
  • “Hi-Def” Vaser Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction
  • Laser Liposuction, ie. Lipotherme Liposuction.

After Liposuction

After a liposuction procedure, you should get some rest and avoid strenuous activity. A compression garment is provided to minimize swelling, expedite the recovery process, and ensure a smooth result. In some cases, elevating the treated area is recommended. Swelling and bruising is typical for the first 2-3 days after liposuction, but it should be resolved within the first week. Most patients return to their normal routine after about ten days.

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Dr. Frenzel has a passion for his patients and his work and is eager to provide the very best results for those who seek them. His skilled hands, extensive training and compassion will assist you in achieving the look you’ve always imagined. Call our office now for a personal one on one consultation with Dr. Frenzel to discuss your desires.

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