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Chin Surgery

Chin augmentation surgery is a leading solution for patients that may exhibit a “weak” chin or lack of chin projection. If jaw development or misaligned teeth are an issue, oral surgery may be recommended; however, chin augmentation surgery is a safe and effective option for most candidates.

A weak chin can significantly affect the facial profile. With the help of a biocompatible implant, your face will achieve a balance that can create a stronger jawline and elongate the face. The implant will be placed over the lower jaw bone structure, helping to strengthen your jaw line while providing your facial profile with a naturally balanced structure.

Chin Implants

Compared to temporary fillers, the chin implant is a method of achieving your desired facial structure. The solid silicon implant comes in various shapes and sizes in order to give your face a natural, well-balanced appearance. There are even specific implants available that do not add projection to the chin, but fill in indentations around the chin for a more attractive jawline.

Chin augmentation surgery can also be performed alongside other aesthetic procedures. As various approaches to chin augmentation exist, your surgeon will work with you to choose the procedure best for your facial structure.

Chin Surgery Techniques

Chin augmentation surgery may be administered in several different ways. Patients will be able to choose an implant that best complements the contour of their facial structure, helping to create a natural jaw line. Different shapes, sizes, and materials are available to ensure a truly customized implant that is unique to your face.

Though implant procedures may vary by patient, a small incision will be made through the mouth or underneath the chin to place the biocompatible material directly over the lower jaw bone. Incision lines will heal beautifully and go virtually unnoticed over time.

Chin augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure performed in our fully accredited facility, under local anesthetic with mild IV sedation. The duration of the procedure generally lasts less than two hours, with very minimal discomfort.

After Chin Surgery

After chin augmentation surgery, the recovery process is fairly quick and patients typically experience minimal discomfort. Recovery varies by procedure, but the chin area will feel slightly numb while the face heals from the surgery. Tape may be placed over the implant to secure its position just after surgery, and sutures are typically removed after 5 to 7 days.
There may be a feeling of “tightness” while the skin adjusts to the implant. Any discomfort may be alleviated through following the instructions of your surgeon and medicine that will be prescribed.

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