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Breast Lift Procedure

When breasts are sagging or drooping due to age, gravity, or childbirth, a breast lift is performed to bring the breasts back to a more youthful position. When various factors such as breastfeeding, age, or gravity cause your breasts to sag, a breast lift can give you the natural lift you once had. In some cases, breast implants are used in conjunction with a lift to restore breast volume as well. Other times, when breasts are of adequate size and shape but simply need lifting, a breast lift without implants is appropriate. A breast lift is the perfect solution if you are looking to restore your breast’s shape to better enhance your figure. A breast lift is performed by Dr. Frenzel to create the right shape, size, and proportion for your individual body shape.

Breast Lift Procedures

Depending upon the degree of breast sag, there are several types of breast lifts–ranging from the mini to the full mastopexy.  The mini (Binelli) mastopexy involves making an incision around the areola, removing some of the excess skin, and tightening the envelope, which brings the nipple position upward.  In the full mastopexy, an incision is made around the areola and extended downward from the nipple to the breast crease.

During the surgery, he will remove any excess skin, while positioning your breast tissue into the proper location. Dr. Frenzel will work hard to reposition the nipples higher on the chest wall. By doing so, your breasts will gain the perfect position. With the mini and full mastopexy, you will notice that your breasts look fuller in shape and size. If desired, Dr. Frenzel can also include breast implants. A breast lift surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure.

After a Breast Lift

Although there may be some residual scarring on the breasts, over time scars fade and flatten out. A surgical dressing is placed on the incision sites and the patient is required to wear a supportive bra for six to eight weeks. Discomfort can be controlled with oral pain medication. After surgery, you may experience soreness in the breasts. The discomfort you feel can be treated with pain medication. Side effects include bruising, swelling, numbness in the nipple sensitivity, increased firmness in the breast tissue, and itching around the incision sites. Within a few weeks, the side effects should subside. Make sure to drink plenty of water, get enough rest, and sleep with several pillows behind your back to elevate your breasts. With the proper recovery, you’ll love the new shape of your breasts.

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