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Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast augmentation has consistently been one of the most popular, highly satisfying cosmetic surgeries in the United States. However, problems can arise in rare cases, and patients sometimes change their preferences. Therefore, a good cosmetic surgeon must be capable of performing revisionary breast procedures or breast implant removal.

When is Breast Augmentation Revision Necessary?

A wide range of issues can prompt this type of procedure, but here are some of the well-known reasons a patient may choose to have a revisionary breast procedure:

  • Change in implant size preference
  • Switch from saline to silicone implants
  • Scar revision procedure
  • Desire to undergo breast lift surgery
  • Desire to remove implant

Cosmetic surgeons have also documented different conditions that would prompt a revisionary procedure, including the following:

  • Breast ptosis
  • Nipple ptosis
  • Implant displacement
  • Implant deflation
  • Nipple malposition
  • Capsular contracture
  • Rippling

Revisionary Breast Surgery

Surgery to correct these conditions may be simple or quite complex. In any case, the length of revisionary surgery or implant removal will vary depending on the circumstances; surgery to correct capsular contracture can take a few hours, while a simple procedure such as adjusting the volume of saline implants, can take less time.

Breast Implant Removal – Will the Outcome Be Positive?

The removal of breast implants has been associated with a generally negative outcome for some patients; causing scarring, wrinkling, and even depression. This is definitely not the outcome in every case, as some patients come to resemble their pre-augmentation appearance.  Fortunately, cosmetic surgeons have been able to perform breast lift surgery (mastopexy) in certain cases to mitigate the negative effects of breast implant removal.

If you’ve experienced a problem with your breast implants or would like to know more about the options for breast implant revision, contact the surgery office of Dr. Frenzel.

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