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Incredible Abdominal Exercises for a Toned Silhouette

Woman across the country are looking for ways to lose weight and tone up before summer sets in.  Great news, ladies!  If you’re looking for killer abs that make men blush, keep reading.  From basic plank to lunges, your body will get the best workout, all in the comfort of your home.

This summer won’t be filled with cover-ups.  No, you’ll be sporting your bikini every chance you get.  Get ready for an intense workout that will leave your body sore and ready for more.

There are eight basic moves that will give you a complete abdominal workout.  Begin with a basic plank.  This is the first exercise of four.  After three weeks, you will be ready to complete the last four exercises.

Hold plank for at least 30 seconds, but try to keep the position for as long as your body can bear.  Once you complete the first exercise, rest for 30 seconds.  Then, move on to side plank.  Again, you’ll follow the same timing for plank, rest, and then move the your other side.

After side plank, rest for 30 seconds and begin the third exercise-glute bridge march.  This exercise works out your abdominal muscles and your buttocks.  And finally, move to the fourth exercise, a lunge with rotation.

Once you’ve completed the circuit, which is comprised of the four exercises with five repetitions of each exercise, rest for one minute, and begin again.  Do at least three sets of each exercise.

As your progress, make sure to intensify your workout.  That means, for week two, hold plank for at least one minute and up your repetitions to six.

For all of your exercises, you want to train on three non-consecutive days.  This will allow for the breakdown and rebuild of your muscles to the fullest extent.  It’s important that you complete each exercise with precision.  If you train improperly, you can do much more damage than good.

The next four exercises can begin on week four.  Begin with plank with an arm lift.  This exercise will not only intensity the ab workout, but will also test your balance.  Tune in to your workout and avoid distractions.

Rest for 30 seconds in between exercises.  The second exercise in this circuit is side plank with a rotation.  Again, this requires balance and focus.  Next, move on to the hip and thigh raise.  This exercise requires you to alternate legs, meaning double the workout.

Finally, end with a reverse lunge with a single-arm press.  Again, this exercise requires alternating arms.  As you progress through each week, increase your maximum effort and your repetitions.  At week six, you should be at 90 seconds for your maximum effort and completing at least 10 repetitions.

These exercises are designed to build endurance and give you tight abdominal muscles.  When you’re finished, you’ll be begging for a bikini.  Enjoy your workout, focus on the positions you need to hit, and make sure you rest in between.  In six weeks, you’ll love your body.

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