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Antioxidants May Promote Healing After Surgery

In a recent clinical study out of Brazil, physicians asked 60 women to significantly increase their intake of fruits and vegetables during recovery from abdominal cosmetic surgery. Their findings reveal some promising potential benefits of an antioxidant-rich diet, not just after cosmetic surgery, but also for treatment of inflammatory conditions.

The authors hypothesized that a diet rich in fruits and veggies would produce an anti-inflammatory response in the participants. In this case, they decided to examine the relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and levels of C-reactive protein, a common marker of inflammation and infection.

The participants were interviewed the first day after elective cosmetic surgery. They started the experimental diet on the third day and doctors followed their progress for one more month. They explain the post-operative diet as follows:

“Six servings each of fruits and vegetables, reflecting a diet rich in such foodstuffs, were advised. Seven easy and convenient recipes were developed by the team with the objective of improving palatability and intake.”

Results of the study showed that both the control group and the dieting group experienced a reduction in C-reactive protein, but according to the study authors, “a more expressive decrease could be demonstrated for the high fruit and vegetable participants.”

Although the authors caution against making any hasty conclusions, they do suggest some interesting benefits based on the findings. In particular, they argue that fruits and vegetables are safe, tolerable and inexpensive. They also mention a “synergistic” effectiveness associated with good nutrition.

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