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Bariatric Procedures Shown to Reduce Weight and Adds Years to Life

A recently published study in Annals of Surgery sheds light on long-term mortality rates of bariatric surgery patients compared to their peers.

Physicians at the University of Milan have published an analysis of medical literature for 8 clinical trials spanning about 7.5 years, and involving more than 44,000 men and women, with about 14,000 bariatric surgery patients included.

Among this large group, deaths had occurred in 3,317. The researchers found a significantly higher rate of death among participants who did not undergo bariatric surgery. 2.8 percent of the deaths occurred in those who underwent bariatric surgery, while 9.7 percent occurred in similar participants who didn’t undergo weight loss surgery.

According to a Reuters news report published this week, the results from the study translate into “45 percent lower odds of dying with bariatric surgery.”

“Bariatric surgery reduces long-term mortality,” concluded the researchers. This includes both gastric band (Lap Band or Realize Band) and gastric bypass, but the gastric bypass procedure reportedly showed a greater effect on reducing cardiovascular mortality.

Read the study in Annals of Surgery

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