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Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery

The arm lift surgery is designed to provide clients with tight, toned arms. Whether you’ve lost weight and have extra skin or have sagging skin due to aging, your arms are one of the most often seen body parts.

Ordinary tasks such as waving or writing can be intimidating to some people because of the way their arms move. If you’ve ever experience embarrassment and a lack of self-confidence due to sagging skin on your arms, consider the multiple benefits of the arm lift, or brachioplasty. Unpack your sleeveless shirts and boast of your firm, beautiful arms. With the help of Dr. Frenzel and his helpful staff at BodEvolve Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa, you can have the arms you’ve always dreamed of and the confidence boost you’ve always craved.

The arm lift procedure can be accomplished in a couple of different facets. Excess skin and fat can reside anywhere throughout your arm, armpit, and chest region. If you’re looking for firm arms, Dr. Frenzel can meet your need and exceed your expectations.

During the arm lift procedure, a small incision is made on the inner part of the arm. Extending from the inner elbow to the armpit or chest, at the most, the skin is pulled together to give you tightness. The only disadvantage to a brachioplasty is the scar that may result. But it’s important to weigh your options. If dieting and exercise cannot remove your excess skin, the arm lift procedure is a great alternative. With tight arms, you can wave and walk in confidence. You can have attractive arms by reducing excess skin and fat in your arms.

General anesthesia or intravenous sedation is used during the surgery. Dr. Frenzel will go over all of the details of surgery during an initial consultation. During this meeting, you can discuss all of your concerns and voice your questions. Ask Dr. Frenzel about the size and shape of your incision so that you are prepared before surgery. Stitches are used for suturing your arm. Once the surgery is complete, you will need about two weeks for full recovery. Your arm needs to be elevated in the beginning stages of recovery. You can receive oral pain medications to alleviate discomfort.

Day to day activities, like playing with your children, waving hello, or hugging your significant other, should not be stunted because of your lack of confidence. If you are hesitant in activities that require others seeing your arms, the arm lift surgery is the perfect solution. Find your confidence again. Say goodbye to long-sleeved shirts and begin your new journey with tight, toned arms.

There are some risks involved in the arm lift surgery. Scarring, bleeding, infection, skin loss, blood clots, and the possibility of revisional surgery should be noted. During your consultation, Dr. Frenzel will walk you through the various risk and benefits of surgery. Gain the confidence you want and the arms you’ve dreamed of with the help of BodEvolve Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa.

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