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Benefits of the Venus Concept Freeze Treatment

The Venus Concept Freeze is available for patients looking to improve their aesthetics without the demand for invasive treatment.  This technology is advanced, offering patients skin tightening, cellulite reducing, and circumferential fat reducing solutions.

With so much to offer, the Venus treatment is the perfect solution for those looking for skin improvements without the need for surgical procedures.  Venus Concept Freeze are offered by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery to deliver excellent clinical results that are comfortable and safe for patients.

Patients looking into the Venus Freeze can expect a pain-free experience that do not require any cooling agents or numbing cream.  With incredible precision and speed, this treatment can be completed within a lunch break.

Venus Concept Freeze has the power of multi polar radio frequency and the pulsed magnetic fields necessary to create MP2.  Unique in its combination, these two agents together have the ability to penetrate deeply, quickly, safely, and comfortably into the skin.  The result of the Venus treatment is tighter skin and a significant reduction in cellulite.

The Venus Freeze is not only increasing in popularity in America, but is sold in over 40 countries.  This treatment sets the standard for pain free treatments.  The FDA has cleared Freeze for facial wrinkles and rhytides.  In addition, Health Canada has cleared the treatment for temporary reduction of cellulite and skin tightening.

There are many benefits to choosing the Venus Concept Freeze.  In addition to tightening the skin and smoothing cellulite, patients can reduce focal fat, diminish wrinkles, and lessen stretch mark visibility.  Freeze allows patients to transform their body without invasive surgery.  Features of the Venus Concept include comfort, short treatments, no downtime, safe for all skin types, very low risks of burns, bruises, or blisters, scientifically proven technology, and blended technology for maximum results.

The Venus treatment is truly an anti-aging solution.  In addition to skin repairs, this technology also prevents.  RF and PEMF are complementary to keep skin healthy and young.  The repair technology works on damaged and aged tissue with substantial collagen fragmentation and decreased elasticity.  Additionally, preventative technology works on healthy tissue to increase vascularity, tissue oxygenation, and nutrient supply to support the functionality of healthy skin cells.  The result of PEMF preventative technology is a slow down of the aging process of skin tissue.

Like any other procedure and treatment done to the body, maintenance is crucial.  The aging process can be slowed down, but it will never come to a complete stop.  As the skin ages it is necessary to continue treatments.  This slows down the aging process and keeps the skin tight.  To achieve maximum results, it is recommended that patients have Venus Concept Freeze treatments once each season, about every three to four months.

If, however, patients would like to increase the frequency of treatments, it is completely safe.  And, the results will be amplified.

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