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Best Places to Buy Clothes After Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation can be a life changing decision for some women.  Transforming the way you look and feel about yourself, breast augmentation surgery leaves you with a new lease on life.

One of the most popular responses we get from patients after surgery is the change in their mentality.  With renewed self-confidence, women begin trying new things and enjoying the things they once loved.  However, no woman is exempt from the sensitivity of her appearance, especially the breasts.

Some women get a breast augmentation because the breasts never developed sufficiently; others go through surgery because age or nursing has changed their breast size and shape.  Whatever your reason, Dr. Frenzel is here to help you reclaim your confidence.

There are several breast augmentation choices, from silicone or saline implants to the location of the incision.  You might think once you make these choices the hard part is over.  But post-surgery, you’ll still be faced with an important decision—where to shop for clothes.

It’s every woman’s hardship—finding clothes that fit right and accentuate all of the right curves.  Different styles fit women differently.  If you have broad shoulders a v-neck shirt will elongate your torso and take the attention away from your shoulders.  If you have a short torso, long shirts create the length you are missing.  And the illusion tricks go on and on.

When you have smaller breasts, you have more material to work with.  But most patients note that after breast augmentation surgery, their biggest complaint is finding a shirt that fits loose enough in the chest and is equally as long without losing all of its shape.

This seems like a tall order in the fashion world.  Luckily, there are some great stores out there that cater to women with full breasts.

A lot of online stores cater to women with a big bust.  Saint Bustier is designer fashion for busty women.  Their motto is “a cup above the rest,” if that’s any indication.  From gorgeous hourglass shaped dresses to shirts that are tailored to fit the bust and the waist appropriately.  You don’t have to make a sacrifice in style to have clothing that fits.

Zulily is another online retailer with clothing options for women with a bigger bust.  With diverse vendors on one online site, finding shirts and dresses that fit busty women in all the right places is quick and simple.

The only downfall to online retailers is not being able to try the clothes on.

Nordstrom is a department store that carries clothing specifically catering to women with a full bust.  Their dresses are designed to give shoppers the best of both worlds—style and fit.  And the best part is that Nordstrom sales associates are trained to help you find the best fit for your body.

When you know what style fits your new and improved body, finding clothing is much easier.  Find the right style for you and go from there.  Don’t be confided to one store, take your time and look around at different stores to find pieces to put together to complete an outfit that fits in all of the right places.

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