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Brazilian Butt-Lift Procedure Patient Testimonial – Katherine

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The Brazilian Butt-Lift has become a very popular procedure over the past few years. It addresses multiple procedures in one. Meaning essential the Brazilian Butt-Lift is usually full body liposuction to get the fat and to inject into the buttock area to give the buttock a nice round fuller appearance. The person that would be a candidate would be a person that wants a rounder fuller appearance in the buttock. Somebody that feels that their buttock is flat, and doesn’t have a lot of shape to it.

I actually wanted my stomach to be flatter, and then I wanted my butt to be bigger. When I exercised to lose weight the first thing that went was my legs and my butt, and the last thing to go was my stomach. The procedure is done in one setting, and it usually takes 2-3 hours to do. And it also depends on how much fat the person has. Obviously we are using the fat to put back into the buttocks so if someone is very slender then it could be a problem to get enough fat.

When I had the fat removed from my upper back to my lower back, it doesn’t feel like implants. It feels real. The results were really good, and she got the appearance that she wanted. We injected about 450cc, somewhere around there into each buttock, so it has a nice round appearance.

I remember when whenever I went shopping to get some shorts for the summer, this girl was like I wish my butt looked like that in those jeans, that’s good. I sit down with them in a very personal consultation and discuss the potential results that we can get on that particular patient based on how much fat I can harvest from those various areas of the body. And then I usually find one of my patients that has a body shape to very close to what they are, and show them pre-op and post-op pictures.b Dr. Frenzel made me feel really comfortable as one of his patients. I have had other surgeries, and if I could turn back time I would actually go to him, because I just like environment and the way they care about you. It was just an overall good experience.

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*Results May Vary