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Breast Augmentation Surgery Patient Testimonial – Carol

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My name is Carol. I had a breast augmentation about four and one-half months ago and thoroughly enjoying it. Well, I had a dear friend that had some bariatric work plus some other procedures done by Dr. Frenzel and it was a very highly recommended. Plus, I saw my friend Cindy and she looks awesome so why not come and see the doctor that helped her get that way.

The first time I met Dr. Frenzel was a great meeting, I mean, I just felt at ease with him, I showed him the things that I wanted to have done, I never felt uncomfortable at all, and his goal was to make me feel every bit the way I had describe. He knew what my needs were. Any time I needed him, anytime I need to talk to them, they were always there. And if Tammy couldn’t answer it, you know, Dr. Frenzel would. I was concerned about the downtime that it may involve, but I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, I felt good within two days after the surgery. My transformation has helped me feel more confident with myself. I’m happier. You know, I’m back to the old Carol and that makes me feel really good.

I would like to invite anyone that’s even thinking about it to come at least talk to Dr. Frenzel because he’s got such awesome answers to your questions. I mean, you know, there’s several different things that you can do, there’s lifts, there’s this, there’s that, you know, that Dr. Frenzel can encourage you to do or help you make your decision of what you might like to do.

I would like to thank Dr. Frenzel and his staff for making me feel like my old self and making me feel self-confident in being this person I really want to be and come back to and I appreciate that.

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*Results May Vary