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Breast Reduction Surgery Patient Testimonial – Ollie

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My name is Ollie and approximately two and one-half months ago I had a breast reduction. The reason for the reduction was severe back pain and pain in the right shoulder. After consulting a couple of other doctors, I was referred to Dr. Frenzel by a friend, probably the best things that had happened to me in a couple of years. He quickly decided that I did need the reduction based on body weight and the areas that I was experiencing the pain. Meeting him was a breath of fresh air. He has a wonderful sense of humor, his staff is very, very warm and welcoming, so the experience was totally good for me both physically and mentally, because it’s very stressful to talk to someone who doesn’t really understand what you’re going through.

And Dr. Frenzel listens to everything, comments on everything, and diagnoses based on what you tell him.I felt very at ease before my surgery because I didn’t have any questions. All of my questions were answered. They gave me everything, all the paper forms to review and ease all of my worries. I looked into some other plastic surgeons online but what made me really interested in Dr. Frenzel was that he had let people post comments both positive and negative and lot of plastic surgeons don’t have reviews on their website.

I work in an office so I sit down probably about six and one-half to seven hours a day, which can cause extra tension on your back. So having oversized breasts only added to that problem. To now not have to go to a chiropractor every twice a month, to be able to go home and just do normal things without having pain in my back , and to, of course, wear the latest fashions without a bra is a very, very big plus.

My first advice to anyone who’s thinking about this is one, do something about it, because it’s not going to get any better. I dealt with mine for approximately two years and the pain never got any better. My second advice would be: see Dr. Frenzel. Again, he is very adept at listening to you and understanding what your issues are, and what your desired outcome is. As for my life after the procedure, it is 100 percent better. I’ve absolutely no complaints whatsoever, the downtime was minimal, very minimal, the pain was nothing. I believe I took pain medication twice in a week, so the pain is minimal. What I would suggest strongly is that you do exercise some after you have it done. Just sitting around waiting for it to get better doesn’t make it better, you actually need to move and that makes you feel better and then you start to see and feel the results a whole lot sooner.

I guess it’s just really simple. Dr. Frenzel, you have been a gift to me. I appreciate all that you’ve done for me both mentally and physically, and I just ask just keep doing what you’re doing, keep treating your patients like you do, you are truly a Godsend.

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*Results May Vary