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Can a Makeover Enhance Your Job Prospects?

dallas job seekingIn Dallas, we’re all cautiously optimistic about the economic news of recent weeks. Nonetheless, the job market still represents a challenge for the many Americans pounding pavement trying to land that new career. Some of our patients have shared their suspicion that age has negatively affected their job prospects to some extent.

While we don’t endorse ageism, prejudice/discrimination based on a person’s age, you’d be naive to think it doesn’t play a role in the general public’s perception.  Consider how it hindered John McCain in last year’s election.

If you’re seeking a new career, you’re probably in competition with young adults fresh out of college, who often accept a much lower wage. You might need a slight makeover to present yourself in the best possible light: If your hairstyle is dull and outdated, see your stylist; if wrinkles are detracting from your facial appearance, see a cosmetic surgeon.

Many Americans are using some of their extra time to get a little touch up, with injectables like Botox, a wrinkle filler, or even eyelid surgery. Botox is by far the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure, with millions of treatments performed each year. The cost of a single treatment will vary, and it pays to keep an eye out for monthly specials and events.

If you are going for treatments prior to a job interview, give yourself at least 7 days to heal and let the treatment take effect. Remember, doing well on an interview is not only about how you look, but whether you exude confidence about yourself and your ability to do the job.

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