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Core Strengthening Exercises for Men and Women

Toning your core doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.  While many men and women struggle with their core, there are solutions that do not consume hours of your day.  If you are looking for an effective method of core strengthening exercises, here are the top three that will get you a solid core in no time.

Of course, if you want a toned core, you have to balance exercise and eating healthy.  Ditch the fad diets and begin to choose healthy meals.  Getting enough protein, carbs, and even good fats will help you in your core exercises.

To obtain the tight, flat stomach you’ve been wanting, it’s important that you complete a vigorous workout.  Notice that vigorous does not equal long.  If you work out effectively, you can complete a solid routine in 15 minutes.  Complete these core exercises three or four times a week and watch as your body begins to shape nicely.

Because everyone has a different body and workouts affect people in different ways, be realistic in your goals.  If you want a six pack, it will require more work than 15 minutes out of your day.  Those are the facts.  But, if you are looking to tone up, these next three exercises will help you achieve your goal.

Having a strong abdomen and back isn’t just important for your looks, but they are necessary for day-to-day tasks.  From lifting groceries and children to keeping good posture, having a fit core will drastically improve your life.

The first exercise in this routine is called the knee fold tuck.  For this exercise you will need a playground ball for between your legs.   Begin by sitting tall with your hands on the floor.  Remain tall and bend your knees while the ball is snug between your knees.  Next, lift your knees, and extend your arms.  Then, pull your knees toward your shoulders, and slowing move back into starting position.  This quick exercise will give you a solid workout.  Just make sure to keep your upper body still and tall.

The next move is called a side balance crunch.  For this exercise, you will begin with your left hand and knee on the floor and your right arm straight up in the air.  Next, you will extend your right leg to create a straight line.  Then, pull your right knee back toward your torso and bring your elbow down to your knee.  Return to beginning position.  This exercise requires balance and precision.  Make sure you are focused and don’t give up, even if you start shaking.  It’s only 15 minutes, but it is still challenging.

Finally, complete the sliding pike.  You will need a towel for this exercise and you cannot complete this move on carpet.  Begin in plank position with a towel under your feet.  Next, raise your hips and move your legs toward your hands.  This will result in pike position.  Your feet will slide easily because of the towel.  Hold the position and move back into the starting position.

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