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Finding the Energy to Make it Through December’s Festivities

Driving to and from different family members’ homes and making appearances at your friends’ parties is not as easy as it sounds.  Between party planning and attending holiday parties, the Christmas cheer can quickly fade, leaving you drained of any energy.

Keeping your energy up is essential during this precious—and busy—time of year.  If you struggle to find the energy you need to make it through the month of December, we have plenty of tips to give you a boost!  The following is our top three energy-boosting tricks.

It’s no longer Halloween, but these tricks will leave you with a treat—added energy! Before we reveal how to get the energy you will most definitely need to make it through December in one piece, we have to warn you.

You might not like all of the following tips, but stick with them!  The outcome will leave you with enough energy to attend the beloved New Year’s Eve celebration.

Number one—wake up earlier.

Set your alarm ahead by fifteen minutes.  And do not snooze.  When your alarm goes off, get up and do something just for you.  Maybe it’s a nice bath, a cup of coffee, reading a chapter of your favorite book.  And no, your chosen treat cannot be sleeping!  Begin your day with something that brings you joy.  This will start your day off right, increasing mood, and thus, giving you more energy.

Number two—Ditch the nap.

Whether you stay at home with the kids or work in the office, a cat nap is always tempting after lunch.  Once you are awake for the day, stay awake.  Keeping your body moving will give you more energy that you thought.

Instead of a nap, exercise for about 15 minutes.  Whether you get in some cardio by walking or pump the weights you have stored at your desk, keep your body moving for 15 minutes straight.  This will get your blood circulating and give you the energy to get through the rest of the day!

Number three—Limit TV time.

If you’re a TV junky, this one can really wreak havoc on your life!  But, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that limiting TV time opens up hours in your schedule to plan ahead and keep you sane during this holiday season.

With gifts to buy, food to make, and decorations to put together, who has time to sit around?  We know it’s tempting, but don’t fall into a TV daze.  Stay active, be productive, and you might just get your to-do list accomplished early.

When you stay ahead of the game, you will notice that you have more energy to do fun things.  When you procrastinate, you become guilty and avoidant.  Then, your to-do list becomes longer and your energy decreases.

It’s amazing how you can increase your energy simply by staying active.  You don’t need energy boosting chemicals or drinks, you just need you.  It’s not always fun or exciting, but when you stay committed to living an active lifestyle, you will notice a drastic difference in your energy levels.

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