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Healthy Eating Habits – A Necessary Lifestyle Change

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With Halloween mere days away and Thanksgiving and Christmas closely following, it can be tempting to indulge in your favorite holiday treats. Trick-or-treating candy collecting doesn’t just affect young children. Each year, adults set out candy and can’t help but to sneak a few pieces for themselves. However, those fun size candy bars are sneaking in more calories than you might imagine.

When you look at the size of Halloween candy pieces, you probably don’t think about the enormous amount of sugar and calories that are packed into each bite. What’s one piece now and maybe one later?  More than you think!

Before you reach for another bite size candy bar, consider some healthy alternatives that could make a drastic difference in your health.

We understand the necessity of sweets. After a salty meal, there’s nothing quite like something sweet to balance your taste buds. However, the sweet treat you choose is crucial. Do you stockpile candy bars, ice cream, and other preservative-infused sweets? Or do you reach for some fruit dipped in dark chocolate?

Eating healthy requires an entire lifestyle change. Most Americans have grown up in an era that focuses on efficiency—have you gone through a drive-thru that promises your experience will last no longer than 30 seconds?  How is it even possible to make fresh cookies or cook a meal in that amount of time? Truth is, it’s not!  But because we often wait until we feel the first hunger pang to eat, we don’t want to suffer through the cooking process. And thus, the unhealthy lifestyle continues.

Make a conscious decision to eat healthier. Meal planning is a great step in this process. Be realistic in the needs and abilities of your family. If you excel in grilling, look for healthy recipes on the grill.

During the meal planning process, account for dessert. If you have the ultimate sweet tooth, face the facts. Portion your meals to allow for a sweet treat. Instead of stashing candy in your nightstand drawer or sneaking ice cream when the kids are asleep, make healthy desserts a family affair.

Some of the best desserts for you are infused with fruit. Dark chocolate covered strawberries are a much better alternative to milk chocolate candy bars. Smoothies are another great alternative. Invite your children to the kitchen to pick out their favorite fruits and mix in some yogurt. This is filling and healthy, especially compared to a bowl of ice cream!

It’s not always easy to initiate change, but if you commit to a healthier lifestyle, you will see drastic differences in your energy level, overall health, and body image.

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