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How Rhinoplasty Works and Precautions to Take

Did you know that the nose is one of the most defining facial characteristics on the human face? Your nose truly does matter. It is a prominent facial feature, essential to facial symmetry. With such an important task, you want your nose to have the perfect proportions to give your face a nice look. When the nose does exhibit cosmetic irregularity, your appearance can be negatively affected.

Don’t let your nose determine how you look each day. If you would like to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your nose, if you have nasal deformity or need a nasal repair due to injury, rhinoplasty is definitely for you. Even the slightest alteration can dramatically improve a person’s appearance.

Rhinoplasty does involved surgery. In fact, by undergoing surgery for only one to two hours in Dr. Frenzel’s accredited operating facility, you will end up with a beautiful reshaped nose. The stitches you receive from the surgery are dissolvable and made inside of the nose, so you can show off your new work of art without embarrassing effects. Through small incisions, the bone and cartilage are sculpted to provide you with a symmetrical new structure. This means that the cartilage can be reduced, enhanced, or simply reshaped, depending on your nasal needs. Various parts of the nose can be reshaped to provide you with a look that is proportional to your aesthetic appeal. The tip may be elevated, the base may be narrowed, using tiny stitches inside the nostrils, or the angles at the base and the top of the nose may be altered. With so many choices, you will find that Dr. Frenzel can provide you with the nose of your dreams. And as a bonus, internal breathing problems can be corrected as a result of the rhinoplasty.

This surgery is safe and short. Within a couple of hours, your entire face will have a new look. With such a huge responsibility to your face, your nose should be exactly how you want it. And rhinoplasty can give you just that.

After your surgery, you may experience some discomfort, such as a headache, you will be given oral pain and rest medication as need. Some nasal stuffiness is to be expected, but can be remedied through elevation of the head. Dr. Frenzel will provide you with a special ice pack to rest on the eye area for two days to help prevent any swelling or bruising. For approximately one week, you will have a small splint on your nose. In addition to all of this, you will be given something to clean, and possibly irrigate, the nose. Because you cannot blow your nose, mild nose drops are sometimes necessary.

Some of your daily activities will be prohibited in the first couple of weeks following surgery. You must be careful to not injure the nose for six to eight weeks. And, because the nose continues to take shape over thee next few months, follow-up care is vital to monitor healing.

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