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How to Dress your Body After the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

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As you probably already know, the buttocks are an amazing asset to your body.  When the projection of your buttocks is lacking, your entire body can seem out of balance, especially if you have large breasts.  This creates an unflattering “V” shape.

Dr. Frenzel performs the Brazilian butt lift, using your own body fat to augment the projection of the buttocks and leave you with full shape.  This procedure uses liposuction and lipo-injection techniques to create volume into areas for enhancement.

After this surgery, patients report increased confidence and a beautiful new silhouette, but one question always remains.  Where are the best stores to buy clothes after the Brazilian butt lift surgery?

One of the most important and influential factors in proceeding with a cosmetic procedure is confidence.  If you are looking to gain self-confidence in your physical appearance, Dr. Frenzel is the perfect surgeon to help.  But what happens after surgery and recovery?  Patients are left with a new body to get used to.  And that can be more difficult than it seems.

After an entire lifetime of a certain body shape, it only takes mere hours to transform your buttocks.  But then you have to learn how to live with the new you.  This exciting journey often leaves patients with some questions, the most popular being where to shop.

Once the Brazilian butt lift surgery is complete, you’ll have a fuller shape to dress.  In some cases, this means that your jean size increases. Try going to stores that offer a variety of pant sizes and styles.  Zulily is an online store with several vendors that offer clothing specifically to women with a full booty shape.

Simple changes will suddenly transform your entire look.  Find stores that offer a lot of different styles, pleated pants, straight pants, skinny jeans, boot cut, etc.  It’s amazing how little changes can leave you with a completely new look.  Even the branding on the back pockets can make a difference.

Bling jeans with rhinestones and thick threading might have accentuated your figure pre-surgery, but not look as flattering after your fuller figure.  Think about these things when you start shopping for pants.  Ask a Nordstrom sales associate to help you determine which style flatters your buttocks.

And remember, pants aren’t your only concern.  Think about the way you wear your dresses.  When you have a flatter booty, you can get away with shorter dresses.  But some dresses become more like shirts when your booty is fuller.  Cinched-waist dresses are perfect to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.  But when you actually have one, post Brazilian butt lift surgery, you don’t need the help of illusion.  You can enjoy tighter dresses and rely on your body to create all of the right curves.

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