How to Get Facts and Straight Answers About Cosmetic Surgery

How to Get Facts and Straight Answers About Cosmetic Surgery

Getting all the facts about cosmetic surgery will help you make a good decision when woman checking Dr. Frenzel's twitter feedthe time comes.

  • You’ll know which plastic surgery procedures get consistently good results and which procedures do not.
  • By weighing the risks and benefits in light of your individual values and goals, you’ll know if a procedure is truly right for you.

Where Do I Look for Answers About Plastic Surgery?

It’s easy to find information on liposuction, breast augmentation, and other procedures, but the easiest resources aren’t always the most reliable. Get scientific about it and find good resources before you go under the knife.

Be a Scholar, Just for a Few Hours.

Visit your public library or use the resources at your local university. The peer-reviewed medical journals there have real data on rates of patient satisfaction, possible complications, and other valuable info pertaining to every procedure.

However, many of these articles and books will be written in a style that only doctors and med students understand – and you may find that extremely boring.

Browse Websites With Good Content

You may have to wade through some clutter, but there are a few sites that publish honest, useful information about plastic and cosmetic surgery. is a good place to start; another popular resource is

Ask Cosmetic Surgeons in Your Area

Visit a few cosmetic surgeons in the Dallas area before making a choice. While independent research can give you objective information, a personal evaluation can answer many of your difficult questions.

The challenge: A surgeon can tell you if you’re a suitable candidate for a procedure, but only you can decide if surgery is in line with your personal values.

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