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How You Can Manage 60 Minutes of Exercise Daily

Women need at least 60 minutes of daily exercise as they age just to maintain body weight, according to new research in the Journal of the American Medical Association. To reach this conclusion, a 13-year study analyzed more than 34,000 women with a mean age of 54.2 years and a normal diet.

If you’re reading our blog, you probably care a lot about your appearance and health, so perhaps you are already motivated to manage 60 minutes of daily exercise. However, most people don’t think visiting the health club for an hour every day is very practical, nor is it exciting; so how can we put this advice into practice?

1. Make it intense. If an hour of moderate intensity exercise sounds boring, try 30 minutes of high intensity exercise. If you’re healthy enough, push yourself harder and burn calories faster.

2. Gain some muscle. Muscle mass aid in burning calories. Try the kettlebells.

3. Leave the car at home. Bicycle or run to your health club. It’s a great way to warmup the muscles before your workout and may even add those extra minutes that are recommended.

4. Stop searching for that perfect parking spot. Park at the outer edge of the lot and walk.

5. Initiate a workplace fitness program. Ask your employer and mention the surgeon general’s 2010 recommendation to create healthier work sites.

6. Understand the difference between performance and appearance. When you evaluate your fitness and health achievements, don’t focus solely on body weight and excess fat. If you have become faster or stronger, congratulate yourself and remember there are solutions to improve appearance when diet and exercise fail.

7. Fitness should be fun. If your current routine feels like pulling teeth, try something new and always maintain an upbeat, positive attitude.


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