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Latisse is an eyelash enhancement drug that was developed from a popular glaucoma medication (a topical prostaglandin) called Lumigan®. Allergan Inc, the pharmaceutical company that markets Botox and Juvederm is also behind the development and marketing of Latisse.

How Latisse Works

Latisse is FDA approved to treat hypotrichosis, a condition characterized by inadequate eyelashes. When you use Latisse, a different condition results called hypertrichosis, recognizable by the longer, thicker, darker eyelashes. Latisse contains bimatoprost, a chemical that causes lashes to maintain their growth phase. You apply the drug on to the base of the upper eyelids, just as you would with eyeliner.

Results of Latisse Eyelash Enhancement

In clinical trials, 75 percent of patients using Latisse witnessed, on average, a 25 percent increase in eyelash length, 106 percent increase in eyelash fullness, and 18 percent eyelash darkening. It takes about 8 weeks for results to become noticeable, and 4 months for full enhancement to be realized. When patients discontinue use of Latisse, eyelashes return to their natural un-enhanced state.

Who can be prescribed Latisse?

Latisse is a prescription drug only available through qualified practitioners. Healthy patients, with no associated allergies, that experience dissatisfaction with the length of their eyelashes, are possible candidates for Latisse.

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