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Liposuction: Who, How, & How Much

Ultrasound Cavitation Body Contouring Treatment

Liposuction is designed to eradicate stubborn fat deposits in body areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise.  Dr. Frenzel is formally trained performing standard liposuction, Vaser or Ultrasound liposuction, and Laser liposuction.  With experience and education, he is one of the top sought out doctors in his field.

The process of liposuction uses suction from a tube called a microcannula to remove fat deposits from targeted body areas in an effort to sculpt and balance out the contour of the patient’s body.


Patients who can benefit from liposuction include individuals who have disproportionate deposits of fat that are not diminished through diet and exercise and individuals who are slightly obese, but have difficulty losing inches by normal weight loss programs or who need an added incentive to lose.  Other cases in which liposuction is a viable option is for individuals who are within the normal weight range, but have stubborn bulges that affect their overall proportion and individuals who have gained excessively and lost the weight, but still have some bulges, stretch marks, and skin laxity.

If you have a couple of pounds that refuse to let go, liposuction is for you.  After dieting and exercising, some fat deposits are too stubborn to go away.  And that’s when Dr. Frenzel can help.


How can Dr. Frenzel help?  Well, liposuction is a really good tool to reshape or sculpt the body and face.  Though it is not a vehicle for weight loss, it is incentive to stay on track and keep working to reach your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

People inherit a predetermined number of fat cells.  At puberty, the cells remain the same and never continue to add on.  If you gain weight, these fat cells expand.  And, thus, they shrink when you lose weight.  Sometimes, there is an imbalance that causes disproportions in the body.  For example, a person may become too thin in some areas of the body, but still have relentless bulges in other areas.

Liposuction can target these problem areas and better balance out fat distribution.  This is not a weight loss plan or solution.  And liposuction should never be thought of as that.  Diet and exercise are crucial to living a healthy lifestyle.  However, liposuction can help.  Many times, a person will lose between two to eight inches in the waist area and look much thinner, but will not lose a significant amount of weight.

How Much?

How much liposuction is enough?  During an initial consultation with Dr. Frenzel, you can discuss the various methods of liposuction performed.  Standard liposuction, “Hi-Def” Vaser Ultrasound-assist liposuction, and laser liposuction are different methods used for different demands.  Everyone has a unique body and unique needs.  These three methods approach different body type needs and help you achieve the greatest amount of success.

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Dr. Frenzel has a passion for his patients and his work and is eager to provide the very best results for those who seek them. His skilled hands, extensive training and compassion will assist you in achieving the look you’ve always imagined. Call our office now for a personal one on one consultation with Dr. Frenzel to discuss your desires.

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