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Obagi Transformations: Mandy’s Story

Last month, you heard the story of Kristen, a 33-year-old woman who treated her bad complexion with a customized skin therapy regime with Obagi Nu-Derm. This month, Obagi’s “Watch the Transformation” series of videos on YouTube continues.

Mandy is 29 and suffered from the effects of sun damage, which included brown spots on her nose and poor skin tone on her forehead, as well as loose facial skin. She always had freckles as a child, but eventually realized that her skin was no longer smooth and youthful. “My mom told me when I was a kid that freckles are angel kisses, but it turns out they’re actually sun damage!”

She used the Obagi C-Rx system, a skin care system that corrects early signs of aging and prevents further damage to the skin from the sun and other factors, much like the Obagi Nu-Derm system corrects more significant damage that has accumulated over time.

Over the weeks, Mandy found that the Obagi system caused a transformation in her skin. Her sunburn lightened up, and spots and freckles disappeared. She found that her cheeks were firmer and tighter, and that the skin coloring on her nose was more even.

“It’s fun to have a glow about you, to have people notice it’s fun to have smooth skin that’s not full of spots. I don’t look like a leopard anymore.”

Obagi products are an alternative to other skin treatments such as CO2 laser resurfacing and chemical peels. Each Obagi program is customized to meet the patient’s unique needs. If you’re considering a prescription-strength skin care regime that outshines popular drugstore brands, contact a physician who has experience developing individualized Obagi programs.

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