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Post-Surgery Exercises

After cosmetic surgery, based on each procedure, exercising is essential.  Though finding activities that are permissible after surgery may seem impossible, there are solutions.  Working your way through recovery, there are specific steps you can take to get back to exercising at your normal rate.

Exercising not only burns calories and reduces fat, but it also increases energy, enhances the immune system, relieves stress, and helps lower blood pressure.  With so many benefits, don’t sacrifice exercising during your recovery time.

The initial stage of recovery exercises should be slow and steady.  Because your body is working hard to recover, you will be fatigued, but push through for at least 10 minutes a day.  Stand up and walk around.  Get your blood flowing, but don’t push yourself.  For the first four weeks, your body needs to store energy for healing.  Light activity is the best solution for the healing process.

During the initial stage, make sure you keep your body and your mind at peace.  Stay positive in your thinking.  Not only is your physical energy important, but staying upright mentally will help you tremendously.

The next stage is advancement, which takes place weeks five and six.  When approved by Dr. Frenzel, you can begin increasing your exercises.  Make sure you are listening to the needs of your body.  If there are any specific restrictions, stay within your limitations.

During weeks five and six, you can begin increasing your activities.  Use the treadmill, ride a stationary bike, or begin walking around more.  The fatigue will have, most likely, worn off and you’ll feel trapped with a lot of energy.  Don’t overexert yourself.  Keep within your allotted regimen and make sure to obey the demands of your body.

Once you have conquered the advancement stage, you will enter the maintenance stage.  After six weeks, your body will be well on its way to normalcy.  Increase your exercise to a regular basis.  Thirty minutes a day of moderate activity is your long-term goal.  Whether you break your activities up into 15 minute segments or throw it all in one, focus on your form, your health, and your breathing.

Exercising with improper form is done to no avail.  It can cause much more harm than good.  If you have questions on form during your exercises move to a different activity and ask a professional when you can.  Focus on your healthy while you are exercising.  This means, again, to listen to the needs of your body.  Understanding whether your body is in serious pain or is sore from a good workout is important to know.  Finally, focus on your breathing.  You always want to make sure to take deep breaths.  If you notice your breathing is slowing or has stopped, stop what you are doing and regain your composure.

After cosmetic surgery, recovery is key.  Take time to properly heal before you enter into extensive exercises.  Remember to take it slow at first and work your way back to healthy exercising.

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