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Should I Get an Arm Lift?

After months at the gym, have you noticed you aren’t getting the results you want?  Do you want slender, tight arms?  If you are looking for smaller arms, ridding yourself of excess skin and fat, you should consider getting an arm lift.

An Arm Lift, also known as brachioplasty, can transform your arms to look smaller and more fit.  Because it is a surgical procedure, within minutes, the excess skin and fat will be removed from your arms, improving the tone and proportion of your arms.  If aging and weight fluctuations have left you with sagging arms, if you feel embarrassed to show off your arms because of the excess skin, you would benefit from arm lift surgery.

Change your confidence level.  Say goodbye to the days of wearing long sleeved shirts to avoid exposing your arms.  Get the arm lift surgery and watch as your loose skin disappears, giving you a more sleek, toned appearance.

If you have excess skin throughout your arm, armpits, and chest regions, arm lift surgery is beneficial.  The procedure begins with an incision on the inner part of the arm that extends from the inner elbow, possibly into the armpit and chest.  The fatty tissue is removed through liposuction and excess skin is removed.  The skin is, then, pulled tight and sutured together.  The procedure does leave a scar, which is an important concept patients must understand.

If you are looking to improve your body shape, if an arm lift will give you the confidence you deserve, get to Dr. Frenzel and ask about the arm lift.  You will find that by going through this procedure, your arms are firm and tight, your confidence is at an all time high, and your clothing fits better.

Don’t hide your arms with long sleeves.  Show off your arms.  The arm lift will remove that unwanted excess skin and fat.  You can wear sleeveless shirts proudly, when you have gone through the arm lift procedure.  Get the definition you want in your arms.  After months of working hard at the gym, if your arms still have that excess skin, the arm lift is right for you.  Say goodbye to loose, sagging skin.  And say goodbye to embarrassment.

The recovery time after the arm lift surgery is about two weeks.  Patients will need to keep their arms elevated and avoid repetitive activity.  So talk to Dr. Frenzel today about your arm lift needs.  Just think about it, in two weeks your arms go from saggy to firm.  Now that’s just a miracle.  After your surgery, an elastic compression garment is necessary.  And to alleviate any post-operation discomfort, oral pain medications are provided.

There are several benefits to going through with an arm lift procedure.  From the physical changes to the psychological changes, you will see your confidence soar.  Talk to Dr. Frenzel, schedule your personal consultation, and enjoy the road to a new you.  The arm lift procedure is sure to change your life.

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