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Staying Germ-Free While at the Gym

Working out is a great way to build muscle, release tension, and improve your lifestyle.  If you have chosen to get your daily exercise by working out at a local gym, there are a couple of tips you should keep in mind regarding your health.

It is easy to forget that where you are now sweating profusely is exactly where the person before you was sweating.  Yes, it is pretty gross when you think about it.  Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t stop working out at the gym, but you should take some precautionary measures to ensure that you are protecting yourself from the germs that are waiting for your arrival.

The first rule of thumb when working out at the gym is to remember to clean the gym equipment before and after each use.  When you sign up for a gym membership, your first objective is to get familiar with your surroundings.  Just as you do not want to use a machine until you understand its purpose and how it functions, you need to know where the cleaning products are and how to use them properly.  Don’t use a personal towel to clean machines.  Go for paper towels and spray bottles—your gym should provide these materials for you.  Before you get on a machine, give it a good wipe down.  Likewise, after you have completed using each machine, clean the handles, key pads, tension adjusters, and other germ infested areas of the machine.

With a clean machine to use, remember to keep yourself healthy and ready for a good workout.  Here are some must-knows when it comes to working out at the gym.  If you are sick, call it a day.  You don’t want to spread germs, so take the day off, get a good at-home workout, and rest!  When you’re ready to go again, hit the gym with clean materials.  Keep your bag clean.  That means sweaty towels, shoes, and clothes should be removed from your bag when you get home.

If you don’t have a bag, if you don’t bring your own materials, you should start.  By bringing your own towel, you don’t face the temptation of using your hand to wipe off any sweat.  A towel can hold your sweat without getting transferred from your hand to the machine.

Germs spread rapidly at gyms.  Because of the activity filling the building, the body sweat, and the germs grasping for any place to call home, it is imperative to wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, and keep your gym clothes clean.

When you are finished with your workout, take your sweaty clothes off as soon as possible.  Sweaty clothes breed bacteria and leave you in a sick situation.  Be cautious in your workouts without sacrificing quality.

When you follow these rules, you will enjoy a healthy workout without accumulating too many germs.  Remember to wipe down equipment and clean off after each workout and you will be healthy and happy.

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