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Study Looks at Non-surgical Breast Enhancement Procedure

woman smilingA new study assesses the safety and efficacy of a non-surgical breast augmentation procedure in which a hyaluronic acid-based gel called Macrolane is injected into the breast to enhance it.

Macrolane is made by Q-Med, the makers of Restylane, and is a gel that adds volume to tissues and can be used for restoring and enhancing body contours or for filling concave deformities and scars. It provides results without open surgery and the scarring at the injection site is minor and is likely to become less noticeable with time, according to Q-Med.

Macrolane is used in Europe but is not yet approved for use in the U.S., and it has been “well established for use in aesthetic facial procedures” according to the study, which was published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal. A new formulation of the gel may make it suitable for breast enhancement as well.

The study was done in Sweden with twenty women who received injections of the gel under local anesthesia. The study found high subject improvement rates, 83 percent,  for breast appearance six months post-treatment. At 12 months after treatment, 69 percent of breasts were still considered improved. The highest levels of satisfaction were observed in relation to the shape and general appearance of the breast, although comparable trends were also noted for size and firmness, according to the study.

The researchers concluded that “NASHA-based gel is a new option for the patient population who desire aesthetic improvement of the breast but who do not want to undergo surgery.” They also wrote that further studies with larger numbers of patients are warranted.

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