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The Basics of Breast Reduction Surgery

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Dr. Frenzel works with countless patients to ensure that their body is working in the healthiest and safest manner possible. From bariatric surgery to cosmetic surgery, your safety is always the utmost of importance.


As a dual board certified surgeon, Dr. Frenzel specializes in both Minimally Invasive Bariatric Surgery as well as Facial and Body Cosmetic Surgery. He has completed over 600 major cosmetic and aesthetic plastic surgical procedures.


Over his many years of practicing medicine, he has worked with multiple patients who have experienced back aches and other pains and, as a result, needed breast reduction surgery.


Breast reduction becomes a viable option once it begins to affect your everyday life. If you are experiencing physical and emotional pain from exceptionally large breasts, schedule a consultation with Dr. Frenzel today. Breast reduction surgery can be incredibly freeing as it releases you from day to day pain and setbacks. Aside from the physical plain, excess breast tissue also has negative effects to your lifestyle by limiting physical activity.


The weight of breast tissue can keep you from running and working out; it can cause neck pain, and even inflict conditions like skin rashes or irritation from your bra strap pressing into your skin.


If any of these symptoms are holding you back from living your life to the fullest, consider the benefits of breast reduction surgery.


During the procedure, excess breast tissue is removed through an incision around the areola. Typically, liposuction is also used to remove excess tissue and sculpt the breast shape. In many cases, a breast lift is recommended to bring the breasts to an attractive position.


The best part of breast reduction surgery is the immediate difference you will feel. Through the recovery process, incision lines fade and swelling reduces, allowing you to really see the results. To make you as comfortable as possible during this recovery process, medication may be prescribed by Dr. Frenzel. As you begin to heal and the swelling goes down, you’ll notice how physical activity becomes much easier. Patients have also stated that their back and neck pain is resolved.


Breast reduction surgery can be a life changing surgery, giving you full mobility to engage in an active lifestyle, correct back and neck pain, and help you achieve the look you want. As with any surgery, it’s important for patients to understand the risks and benefits associated with the breast reduction procedure. If you have stretched skin, skin irritations, enlarged areolas, shoulder, back or neck pain, and if your breasts hinder your physical activity, breast reduction could be a viable solution.

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Dr. Frenzel has a passion for his patients and his work and is eager to provide the very best results for those who seek them. His skilled hands, extensive training and compassion will assist you in achieving the look you’ve always imagined. Call our office now for a personal one on one consultation with Dr. Frenzel to discuss your desires.

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