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The Differences Between Saline and Silicone

The competition between saline and silicone breast implants might just be coming to a close.  Years ago, FDA approval was rejected for silicone implants.  Currently, between 2007 and 2008, with silicone implants having FDA approval, silicone implants have exceeded saline implants by one-third percent.

With no FDA approval for silicone implants, women wanting breast implants were left with one option—saline.  And now that silicone is an option, they are looking for an upgrade.  And they are in luck.  The transition from saline to silicone implants is not a drastic change.  Implant swapping can take place in less than an hour and allows for patients to resume working the next day.  Though results may vary slightly for each client, a consultation with Dr. Frenzel will help you determine the next steps to take for an implant upgrade.

Though some women are pleased with their saline implants, silicone breast implants have a positive reputation for being more realistic.  Silicone implants have improved, with a new consistency much like that of a jelly bean, having a significantly lower risk of rupture, and a “no leak” design.

Though silicone implants have exceeded saline implants in popularity, making the perfect choice for your body should be carefully considered.  A consultation with Dr. Frenzel can help you determine which implant is best for you.

Neither saline nor silicone implants rank higher as better for your body.  Keep an open mind when speaking to Dr. Frenzel, you might be surprised at your decision.  Discussing your plastic surgery goals, along with your age and health history, will help in determining if saline or silicone is a better choice for you.  Each requires various long term maintenance and each comes with different health risks.

Dr. Frenzel will discuss in more detail all of this information, but knowing the basics helps you in your consultation.  As patient safety is of utmost importance to Dr. Frenzel, he will take into consider all of your information, while trying his best meet all of your implant goals.

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