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Tips & Tricks to Help You in the Recovery Process

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After a cosmetic plastic surgery or a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, there is a vital recovery process.  The length of time necessary varies according to the procedure, but each treatment comes with post-treatment requirements..

The cosmetic plastic surgeries available, such as the abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, and the breast augmentation, have much more intensive recovery processes compared to the med spa treatments.  Let’s take a look at these cosmetic surgeries and discuss the best recovery methods for each.

The abdominoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries available.  This procedure is often combined with the breast augmentation and liposuction for what is called the mommy makeover.  On its own, however, the tummy tuck has about a six week recovery process.  During this time, patients wear a firm compression support garment for maximum shrinkage.

Recovery from surgery gives your body time to heal and regain strength.  It’s important to take care of your body by eating healthy, staying hydrated, and resting.  Another huge factor in the speed and success of recovery is your mental health.  Keeping a positive mindset and remaining calm during recovery plays a huge role in healing.

Breast augmentation and TUBA breast augmentation is completed using several different techniques.  Patients can choose between silicone and saline implants then choose the size and shape desired.  Patients must also consult with Dr. Frenzel to determine the best incision location.  Umbilical incision is a small incision made in the naval.  Peri-areolar is a curved incision made at the outer border of the colored portion of the areola.  An inframammary incision is about four centimeter incision made in the fold of the breast.  And, finally, the axillary incision is made in the armpit area.

Each of these incision options leaves very minimal scarring, but patients are given a choice to get the desired result from their augmentation.  Women go through breast augmentation for a number of reasons—aging, gravity, nursing, disproportionate figure, a more flattering physique, etc.  If you have insecurities about the look, size, or shape of your breasts, Dr. Frenzel can help you regain your confidence and get the exact look you want.

After breast augmentation surgery, patients are provided with a special garment to wear for about four to six weeks, for the recovery process.  Recovering from this surgery, regardless of your incision location, requires you to refrain from lifting or working out using weights for a couple of weeks.  It’s crucial that you give your body the rest it needs before resuming normal activities.

During an initial consultation with Dr. Frenzel for any cosmetic surgery or treatment, you will receive detailed information and instructions for post-procedure care.  Give your body the time it needs and you’ll enjoy the benefits of your treatment.

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