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Training Your Abdominal Muscles after Surgery

After an abdominal surgery, getting back into the habit of exercising can be difficult and painful.  It’s essential that you understand the level of intensity you can reach before exercising regularly.  Talk to Dr. Frenzel about your recovery and progress and ask any questions you might have about your exercise goals.

After recovering from surgery and getting the approval of Dr. Frenzel to resume your normal activities, you might want to jump in head first and experience a lengthy workout.  However, it is essential that you understand how to guide your body, especially your abdominal muscles, back to a firm, toned state.  Here are some tips to get you started on the road after recovery.

One of the most important goals during your workout will be to stay hydrated.  Though this is obvious and most avid exercise gurus know this, it becomes even more important after a surgery.  Before, during, and after your exercise routine, you should be continually rehydrating your body.  The reason this step is so essential is because it necessary for ostomates.

Your body requires a lot of attention after a surgery.  If you are starting a workout routine, make sure you have a well-rounded plan.  Don’t just focus on exercise daily or drinking more water.  Balance your exercises with healthy meal planning.  Eating right and exercising is a combination that ensures results.

While you want to get the most out of your workout, you do not want to overwork your body, especially after having undergone surgery.  Be cautious and remember that you have limitation.  Don’t feel alone, everyone has limitation.  Your activity of choice might be contact sports, but reconsider if your wounds are still healing.

Look for alternatives to your previous workout routines.  If you enjoy sports, you do not have to give up your passion after surgery.  Instead of contact sports, start out by practicing on your own.  Dribble the basketball, go for a swim, or hit the volleyball against a wall.  Though it might not be as fun, you still get a solid workout in.

If your goal in exercising is to tone your abdominal muscles, there are several exercises you can focus on to achieve maximum results.  Go back to the basics—crunches.  And, you can do these from the comfort of your home.  Make sure your technique is right or you will not see the results.  Keep your back flat against the floor, use an exercise ball if possible, and focus on a specific amount of repetitions and sets.

Most often, people think that if they can just do one set of 100 repetitions, they will see dramatic results.  But it actually helps to do several ab exercises, focusing on three sets of about 15 to 20 repetitions.

When you find successful exercises for your body, create a routine.  Cardio is an important aspect of working out.  Never sacrifice cardio.  Go on a hike, walk around the neighborhood, ride your bicycle, or jump on the elliptical.  Swimming is another fun cardio activity.  Implementing cardio in your routine, maintaining a balanced diet, and weight training is the perfect combination to see the results you want.

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