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Finding Healthy Foods on Vacation

When you take a vacation, you want to enjoy every aspect of your break.  From experiencing a new culture to finding the local hotspots, the true challenge of your dieting and exercise will be whether you can find healthy foods to eat while on vacation.

While you might want a well-rounded break during your vacation, it’s crucial that you keep a consistent, healthy diet.  Instead of sticking to the normal diets you feed your body at home, look for fun ways to incorporate different cultures in your adventures.

Here are some tips for eating right on your vacation.  First of all, you want to plan ahead.  Check out your destination online and look for the different restaurants near the hotel as well as local restaurants you’re interested in trying out.  Look at their menus and see if the foods offered will meet your healthy standards.

If you decide against spending time on planning foods, let the concierge be your eyes.  Ask the concierge to see if chefs in the surrounding restaurants can accommodate a healthy lifestyle.  From whole foods to whole grains, be general, but make sure it’s healthy!  During your vacation, spend time trying new things.  Restricting your chef to your daily routine isn’t the way to “vaca.”  Step out and look for new healthy meals.

If you can’t call the concierge, there are basic healthy rules you can live by.  Each meal, say goodbye to the bread and ask for a salad or vegetables.  Skip the appetizer and substitute it for a side veggie.  For your main course, ask the chef to skip the added butter and oils.  You don’t need the extra salt or sugar.  These small added ingredients cause a lot of additional calories.  Be brave in your outings.  Don’t choose a meal because you don’t see anything on the menu.  Ask about how each meal in prepared.  Avoid any food that is fried, crispy, sautéed, breaded, creamed, or drenched in Alfredo or cheese sauce.  Instead opt for steamed, charbroiled, grilled, roasted, stir-fried, or dipped in tomato sauce or marinara sauce.

Knowing the foods that you need to be healthy, you can go on vacation any day of the week.  Remember the key words and stick to the healthy foods.  If you go to a restaurant and don’t see any healthy options, make friends with the chef.  Ask for a healthy version of the dish of the day.  Use the good words, like steamed or grilled in your description.

When you’re in the airport waiting to board the plane, grab a healthy snack.  In most airports, you can find a sandwich shop or Starbucks.  Choose a nonfat milk or soymilk drink or opt for a wheat sandwich with healthy spreads.

Choosing healthy alternatives during your vacation can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of calories.  Remember to be courageous in your choices.  Build relationships, talk to the chef, request information from the concierge, and enjoy your vacation in every way.

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