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Living a Healthy Lifestyle: From Eating Right to Exercising

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Spring is the most popular season for dieting.  With summer just around the corner, it seems like spring is the perfect time to start hammering down on the diet—no gluten, no bread, liquid-only, no carbs, etc.  If you’ve ever fought for those five pounds around the belly, you understand what it takes to get bikini body ready.

But dieting isn’t the end-all win-all.  When we consult with patients for breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and other cosmetic surgeries, we make it clear that dieting is never the answer.  The 90s were the time of diets.  Get-skinny-quick schemes were all the rage.  Now, it’s all about a healthy, active lifestyle.  Don’t waste your money of pre-sorted containers or calorie counters.  Invest your time in actually jumping right in.

Eating right starts with educating yourself.  If all you know is diet schemes, you don’t have a solid foundation to change your lifestyle.  So educate yourself on nutritional values and how different foods break down in the body.  Breads, pastas, and other carbs break down much differently than proteins, such as fish and chicken.

Once you have a solid foundation, education, on how to eat, do it!  Sounds ridiculously easy, but how many times have you told yourself you’ll get educated today, shop tomorrow, and start next week.  When next week rolls around, you might not have the motivation you did last week.  So don’t put it off.  Start today and keep it going, even when the going gets tough.

Along with healthy eating habits, it’s crucial that you get, and stay, active.  Whether you’re cleaning the house or swimming in the pool, keep your heartrate up and break a sweat!  If you live in North Texas, you understand just how easy it is to break a sweat in the heat of the summer.  Go outside and play soccer with the kids or jump in the pool and do some laps.  Just stay hydrated.  Water consumption while working out is crucial.

Did I scare you off by saying “working out?”  Don’t go just yet!  Working out doesn’t have to be you running around a track in a sports bra or going to the gym and lifting weights.  While that is a popular workout routine, you can get a good workout in by staying active and moving your body.  Go dancing, play sports, or do some pushups in the comfort of your home.  Just don’t get too comfortable.

Just like eating right, make sure before you jump into a core workout routine, you educate yourself on form, technique, and value of each workout.  While vacuuming the floors will burn calories, it might not burn as many as swimming, etc.  Weigh your options and get creative.  Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be restrictive and boring.  Make it fun and make some friends join in.

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