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Making Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Each New Year, gym memberships are purchased only to be cancelled three months later. New Year resolutions are difficult to commit to, even though people have good intentions. Finding a healthy workout routine and eating schedule that helps you maintain your health and wellness is essential. Before the New Year rolls around, make sure you have a healthy plan in place that you can attain.

The first rule of making healthy New Year’s resolutions is ensuring that they are not out of reach. If you are mostly sedentary, running five marathons over the course of the year is not realistic. However, incorporating fruits and vegetables into your caloric intake can easily be accomplished. In addition, going on a walk at least three to four days a week is realistic. Before you commit to a New Year’s resolution, make sure it is within your means.

If you find that you have successfully completed your goal and can create new goals for the remainder of the year, go from there. Each January, about one in every three Americans makes a commitment to improve their health. However, keeping these resolutions has proven more difficult than other New Year’s resolutions. The reason is execution.

After eating heavy holiday meals, it is no surprise that the number one resolution each year revolves around weight loss. There is plenty of inspiration to give you the drive to change, but what happens when daily life resumes, holidays are over, and exercising gets mundane?

Keep your New Year’s resolution by incorporating a long-term plan into your goal. Often times, people miss one day at the gym, are disappointed in their lack of drive, and give up altogether. This year, begin your health kick with the right mindset. Think about each day as moving toward a healthier lifestyle.

If you miss one day at the gym, you are moving closer to poor health. Instead of giving up at that point, make it a point to work out and eat healthier the next day, moving closer to good health. Drink lots of water instead of sodas and sugary fruit drinks. Change your eating proportions.

These small changes add up to big changes. Once you begin to eat better, integrate exercise into your routine. By taking your time instead of jumping in head first the first day of January, you are more apt to stick with your long-term goal.

When integrating exercise, find activities you can incorporate into your daily routine. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Park near the back of the parking lot, walk to your coworkers’ desk instead of shooting quick email, and exercise during lunch.

You can stick with your New Year’s resolution by making a conscious effort to take your time in meeting your goal. Don’t fret if you mess up. Simply start each day fresh with a goal in place. You’ll notice that each day you progress toward a healthier version of yourself.

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