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Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals by Eating Right and Exercising

With summer mere months away, many women are taking these winter months to prepare for bikini weather. This year, if your weight loss goals include toning up and staying fit, make sure you read the following tops for staying healthy.

Exercising is exactly what your body needs. You may crave a slice of pizza or a date night in with a sappy chick flick, but ultimately, your body requires regular exercising. Working out can be a great way to spend quality time with a loved one—so replace the couch with a exercise routine and watch as you achieve your weight loss goals.

Whether you have decided to incorporate working out into your daily live for medical purposes or for body maintenance, the first step is making up your mind. Now all that is left to do is follow through with your aspirations. Often times, it is easier said than done. But when you make attainable goals, you can begin to build on them until you achieve the exact results you want.

So instead of starting out your new workout program with a goal of losing 30 pounds by summer, set a smaller weight loss amount in a shorter amount of time—let’s say, 5 pounds in the next two weeks.

While exercising is a major aspect of staying healthy and toned, it cannot be your only means of maintaining your health. As you begin to work out, start making changes to your eating habits.  Implement regulations as to the foods you allow in your home, set standards for the type of foods you eat, and find an accountability partner to help you on the journey.

It’s important to have accountability as you strive to reach your weight loss goals. Instead of simply telling yourself to work out and eat better, be specific in your directions and find someone to encourage and discipline you along the way.

For example, set a goal of working out three days a week, running two miles each workout, alternating between legs and back and chest and arms. In addition, determine to eat five times a day, eating smaller portions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and incorporating fruits, vegetables, protein, and whole-wheat into your diet.

By being specific in your goals, you will see better results. However, if you give yourself some freedom, such as which fruits and proteins you will eat for which meals, you will still feel comfortable with changing things up instead of falling into a monotonous routine you come to hate.

There is a very specific science to weight loss and it’s crucial that you adhere to the science. While we all want to have a beautiful physique, it is important that we strive for our goals in a healthy and attainable manner.

As you set your goals, push yourself.  Don’t settle for goals you know you can easily achieve. To get your body ready for the beach, you have to push past your comfort zone.

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