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Staying Active During the Holidays

There are fewer things more difficult than staying active after consuming large portions of unhealthy foods.  Throughout this years holiday festivities, make sure you are aware of the foods you eat and the level of activity you engage in.

To help you stay fit during Thanksgiving and into Christmas, here are some helpful tips.  Of course, above all else, it is essential to eat right.  This is a difficult time of year to consume the proper portions of vegetables, fruits, and whole-grains.  With turkey, side dishes, and pies gathering on tables across the country, it’s difficult to avoid the temptation of overeating.

Start a new tradition this holiday.  For Thanksgiving, choose healthier alternatives to dressing, yams, and cranberry sauce.  Choose loaded vegetables instead of casseroles and opt for healthier desserts as opposed to sugar and calorie packed pies.

With a goal in mind, you can begin to make changes in your body.  Knowing that a balanced diet can make a drastic difference in your body, begin each day by eating breakfast.  A lot of families ditch the most important meal of the day.  But, it is crucial that your body received the proper nutrients within 30 minutes of waking up.

Once you’ve had breakfast, stay awake.  Your body needs plenty of sleep.  Avoid staying up too late or sleeping in during the day.  Waking up, eating, breakfast, and staying active during the day helps to regulate your body and keep your metabolism high.

As you incorporate healthy meals into your daily routine, add in a workout.  The holidays are a great opportunity to enjoy exercising.  With so many sports such as snowshoeing and ice-skating, have fun this holiday season.  Go running, chase the kids, go dancing, and clean the house.  All of these activities keep you active.

When you wake up and start your day with the necessary nutrients, you have energy to stay awake and keep active.  Never sit or stand for too long.  Take the dog on a walk, maintain the yard, play games, laugh, and go shopping.  Each of these activities may seem of little value to your health, but you would be surprised at how helpful activities like laughing can be.

It is important for you to get in enough exercise each day.  Going on a bike ride, engaging in a cycling class at the gym, touring the city—walking, keeping your heart rate up, and keeping your body moving are all perfect ways to avoid the holiday slump.

Staying active should always be accompanied with good eating habits.  If you have a normal workout routine, but overeat during the holiday season, you will not burn enough calories to make up for your eating choices.  While you should enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, it is important that you choose realistic portions, eat healthy alternatives, and combine your eating efforts with a proper workout.

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