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The Differences between Good and Bad Carbs

With so many fad diets and nutrition rumors surfacing, it can be difficult to determine fact from fiction.  For example, carbohydrates.  This one word comes with a lot of controversy.  Do carb-only diets work?  Do they cause more harm than good?

The number one rule in establishing an eating routine is to eat a well-rounded, balanced diet.  Carbohydrates, protein, oils, fruit, and vegetables should all be eaten on a daily basis.  Your daily caloric intake should be filled with foods that are full of vitamins and other healthy sources.  When eating a carb-only diet, you lose out on vital nutrition.

With that being said, do not be scared of carbohydrates.  After carb-only diets reached their height, people turned away from carbs altogether.  But, just like your body needs protein, it requires carbohydrates.  Here are some healthy tips you can follow to enjoy good carbs.

Carbohydrates are a little more complex than other sources of nutrition.  It is easy to distinguish fruits.  You need fruits and there are many to choose from.  Carbs are different.  There are good carbs and bad carbs that have diverse effects on the body.

If you read the label on products and find that it is processed, white, full of sugar, or a pastry, you are eating a bad carb.  Examples include white bread, white rice, sodas, extended shelf life processed and bagged foods, and pastries.  Bad carbohydrates can cause an increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, age-related macular degeneration, obesity, infertility, and colorectal cancer.

There are, however, good carbohydrates.  These carbs include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans.  By infusing your body with vitamins, fiber, and minerals, your body needs carbodydrates for proper functioning.

Carbohydrates give you energy.  The way the body transfers these foods is by converting carbs into blood sugar.  Glucose is used or stored as needed.  Imagine consuming only bad carbohydrates.  Your body essentially retains only sugar.  That is why it is imperative to be wise in your eating habits.  A well-rounded diet can give you the proper nutrients your body craves.

If you feel an urge to drink a sugary soda or enjoy complimentary white bread, maintain healthy proportions.  Cut back from eating the entire loaf and just eat a small piece.  As for the soda, cut it out altogether.  In addition to good carbohydrates, your body thrives on water.  Squirt some lemon or lime juice for flavor and enjoy nature’s gift.

The key to eating a healthy meal is balance.  While you do not want to go on a carb-only diet, you do want to balance your caloric intake by including good carbs such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans as well as eating protein, oils, and other foods on the food pyramid.

When you train your body to eat right, you begin to crave healthy foods.  Just like training for an athletic event, you have to train your food palate for healthier alternatives.

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