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Tips on Eating Healthy & Avoiding Bad Habits

Healthy eating is centered on self-discipline.  A popular topic of discussing is eating healthy to avoid obesity, but there is another aspect of health and fitness that should be considered—eating disorders.  If you are overcoming unhealthy habits in your eating routine, there are several tips that can help you establish boundaries.

Eating healthy is a mental decision.  It is necessary for people to make a conscious decision to eat healthy, eat often, and eat small portions.  The difficulty is that the American society is filled with processed foods that are available in super sizes.

Make a choice to abstain from unhealthy foods and establish a disciplined routine.  When you go to shop for food, choose healthy choices that give your body the necessary nutrients.  Without going above and beyond the necessary caloric intake, you can provide your body with everything it needs.  For example, snack on raisins during the day to get enough iron.  Eat plenty of chicken and fish—not fried—for protein.

Eating shouldn’t be a chore.  Don’t feel obligated to eat a lot because people are looking or judging your meal sizes.  The appropriate method of caloric intake is several small meals a day.  Start with a hearty breakfast.  It’s the most important meal of the day.  Eggs give you protein and wheat toast gives you grains.  Add some fruit and you have a filling and healthy meal that will keep your caloric intake low and your nutrient intake high.

Once you’ve eaten your biggest meal of the day, you will have plenty of energy.  Eat a small snack—nuts, raisins, veggies, or more fruit—mid morning.  This keeps your hunger satisfied without going through the starving process or the stuffed stage.

For lunch, aim for plenty of vegetables.  A salad, healthy dressing, a baked potato, and some chicken will be plenty to satisfy hunger and give you a little taste of several food groups.  Then, have a mid-afternoon snack.  Yogurt is a great choice if it’s not loaded with extra sugar.

Dinner time doesn’t have to be a feast.  Portions are important when making each meal, including snacks.  It’s great to munch on nuts instead of chips, but if you go through an entire bottle, you lose the health benefits.

The important concept in overcoming an eating disorder is to understand that eating is necessary and enjoyable.  You can indulge in dessert when you calculate your nutritional intake throughout the day.  And dessert doesn’t have to be ice cream or cookies.  There are several tasty treats out there that are organic and natural.  Fruit is the best example.  Cold strawberries, grapes, and apple slices are sweet and satisfying.

When your body receive the nutrients it needs for survival, it thrives with energy.  Keep your body and mind peaceful and revived with healthy food choices.  Eating throughout the day might feel like constant, but it’s a better alternative to unhealthy eating habits.

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