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Tips to Keep You Healthy This Christmas

Baked Chicken for the Holidays

Staying in shape during the holidays is basically an oxymoron.  The more you want to keep your figure, the more treats you find in the break room.  We understand the temptation, but we also know exactly how to fight it—here are three tips to keep you healthy this Christmas.

The best trick to keep you healthy this season is to keep some healthy snacks with you.  There is something about not having options that makes you feel like you have to indulge in that delicious donut in the morning.  But, when you bring a healthy breakfast bar or make a smoothie in the morning, all of the sudden, the urge to indulge decreases.

Keep snacks with you at work, in your purse, and on the go so you don’t feel forced into bad eating habits.  Making this small change can transform your diet.  This helps you combat the candy dish and stay on track.

The next tip to keep you healthy this Christmas is to exercise.  During the holiday season, it can be difficult to find the time to exercise.  With the added holiday parties and events as well as the extra cleaning and shopping to prepare for Christmas day, there never seems to be enough minutes in the day.  And, for some reason, exercising is always the first thing to get removed from the to-do list.

Make exercising a priority.  Find 30 minutes each day to walk with weights, climb stairs, and stay active.  And be creative; find ways to multitask—clean the house, walk instead of drive, involve your family and make new traditions that keep everyone active and moving.  There are so many ways to incorporate exercises into your daily routine.

The main goal is to change your lifestyle.  There will always be distractions and reasons to keep you from living life at your healthiest—from Christmas to the busyness of everyday life, excuses are endless.  Transform your lifestyle by making health a priority in your life.  Never push exercising to the back-burner, never discount the value of nutritional foods.  Take the time to think about what you are putting in your body.  Then, make time to burn off calories and keep your muscles toned.

It sounds easier than it is, I know.  But as time continues, as it always does, and you make lifestyle changes, those changes will become second nature.  Enjoy this Christmas season without the looming threat of gaining weight.  Stay focused on your goals and resist temptations by bringing alternatives.

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